What to do when you’re trapped in a hotel by the hurricane: A guide

Destin, FL—A new report from a consulting firm that specializes in hotel operations, Destin Falls, says that many people are trapped inside their hotel rooms by Hurricane Harvey.

The Destin Times-Call reported that hotels in Destin have been operating under a lockdown.

They are trying to provide free water and food, but some hotels have been closed.

They have not been able to send water, and they are not even getting food to their guests.

The Times-call reports that Destin is one of several hotels that has closed.

Hotel staff have told the Destin County Sheriff’s Office that there are over 400 people inside of their hotel that need assistance, but they do not know if that number is accurate.

Destin residents and business owners who are in hotels are not allowed to leave.

They can only check in and out at the local airport, but are not permitted to use public transportation.

The newspaper also reports that there is not enough food in the hotels to feed all the people inside.

This means that hotel workers are being paid less than other hotels.

Destination Casinos in Destins has said that they are operating under the most severe of restrictions, but that they have received a large influx of customers.

Some people are going to the hotels because they cannot wait for the hurricane to end.

In other parts of Florida, hotels have announced that they will stay open for the next 72 hours, as they do each time the storm makes landfall.

However, some people are still stuck in their hotel, and have asked hotel staff to bring water and water containers to their rooms.

The report says that they should not be expected to do anything.

In Destin county, residents in Destinos hotels are being forced to camp in their own cars.

The sheriff’s office says that the number of people inside the hotels is much higher than the county’s capacity for water.

The county has not had any significant flooding in Destinas hotels since the hurricane hit, and the county has received a small amount of rain, but the flooding is not noticeable in Destinis hotels.

A spokesperson for the Destins County Sheriff says that there will be no more evacuations for the foreseeable future.

The hotel owners and hotel staff are being advised to stay at home and wait for Hurricane Harvey to pass.

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