Red Lion Hotel opens in Belfast – Irish Examiner

RED LION, Ireland – Red Lion hotel has opened in the city of Belfast for the first time.

The hotel is owned by the family of John Redmond, the first Irish businessman to invest in the UK and to be the first to own a hotel.

It is based in a former munitions factory and will offer breakfast, a coffee and breakfast food, breakfast tea and tea and sandwiches.

The Red Lion is based on the site of the former Loughborough munitions factory in the area of Londonderry where Redmond worked as a contractor and where his company built a shipyard.

Red Lion Hotel has been a favourite of business travellers since its opening in March.

“This is the first hotel of its kind in Ireland and it is a real delight,” said Red Lion owner Michael O’Leary.

“The fact that we are offering breakfast, breakfast food and tea at breakfast and tea in the morning is very welcome.

It’s really special and very Irish.”

The hotel opened in February with a view to opening the first floor by November.

O’Leary said Red Lions is one of the most popular hotels in the country and there are a number of hotels in Belfast that cater for Irish travellers.

“We are not just a hotel, we are an Irish hotel.

We are a special brand and we are Irish-owned and Irish-managed,” he said.

The restaurant is a great location for breakfast and breakfast tea, breakfast sandwiches and sandwiches, breakfast coffee and coffee and tea, and breakfast lunch.

“There is a lot of breakfast food here and we have a breakfast buffet,” he added.

“Our breakfast buffet is open 24 hours a day.

We serve breakfast sandwiches.

We offer breakfast tea.”

O’Loyds hopes the new hotel will attract tourists to the city, particularly those with a love of Irish history.

“What we are hoping for is that our guests will go to this location and enjoy a visit and feel comfortable enough in this location to stay there for a period of time,” he explained.

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