Hotel reservations for Yellowstone, Jackson Hole & Yosemite to be suspended for 2 weeks

A total of 872 reservations for hotels at Yosemite National Park, including the iconic Jackson Hole and Lafayette hotels, will be suspended starting Monday.

“The Yellowstone & Jackson Hole hotels have already been cancelled and will remain suspended until further notice,” Yosemite’s tourism website stated.

The suspension will apply to reservations made through the website, which is operated by the Yosemite Association, and through reservations made by phone.

The Yellowstone Hotel, which opened in 1887, is currently listed as “closed”.

“If you’re looking to book at Yosemite, be sure to call ahead to reserve a room, reservations can be made at the phone number below,” the Yosemite Hotel website said.

“If the reservations have not been processed, please call the hotel at 1-800-TRAVEL-MINE.”

Yosemite National Park (YNP) was once home to a number of world famous rock formations including Yosemite Falls, The Great Wall, and Mt.


It is also famous for its spectacular glaciers.

Yazoo National Park is the home to Yellowstone’s Grand Teton and Grand Staircase-Escalante.

The Yellowstone Hotel is a three-story luxury hotel with three rooms available on the upper level and three on the lower.

Visitors to Yosemite are invited to visit the hotel, which has an incredible view of Mount Whitney, by calling the phone numbers below.

Park officials said the suspension of the reservation system is necessary to ensure the safety of the public and to address issues with online reservation systems.

“If you are planning to book a room in Yosemite National Parks, you need to call the Yosemite Hotels Hotline at 1–800-933-3484,” the YNP website said in a statement.

More to come.

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