The ‘D’word’ has been used more than 200 times in this week’s edition of The National Review

By the end of next week, it will have been used as much as a curse word.

The Daily Caller has published a roundup of the most common and infamous uses of the word over the past week.

The term is the fourth most commonly used in the history of the publication, which began in 1998.

The first six editions have been mostly about the history and origins of the term and its current usage.

The last edition, in 2002, was titled The Daily Truth.

But the use of the Dword is far from the only use of its negative connotations.

In fact, the term is used a lot more than any other word, and its usage is so widespread that The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, a regular reader of The Daily Beast, calls it “the single most abused word on the internet.”

The Dword, Noah says, is the epitome of a bad word.

And it’s one that will only grow worse as the next few years play out.

Noah points to the latest example of the misappropriation of the “D” word that TheDC has recently covered.

“On Monday, a reporter from the Associated Press tweeted a screenshot of an article about a woman who accused a former congressman, John Culberson, of sexually harassing her.

Culbings office declined to comment on the matter, citing the ongoing investigations into sexual misconduct allegations against him.

That led to the following tweet from the account @AP_AP_GOP: @APAP_Getty “I’m going to be the first to say I’m not a fan of this @realDonaldTrump administration, but @RepJohnCulberson is no longer a congressman, nor should he be.”

The AP tweeted the tweet Monday morning, after Culbations office told the Daily Caller that it would not comment on whether the congressman would resign, but did say that the article would be removed.

Culbin was eventually indicted on two counts of sexual misconduct, one of which he is alleged to have committed while in Congress.

In a tweet that came out Tuesday morning, he apologized for the tweet, but added that he would not be resigning from Congress.

The tweet came as Culbers office said that the congressmen accuser, a former aide, was no longer working for him.

The AP later deleted the tweet and the AP’s account, but it didn’t delete the account itself.

On Monday, Culbans office told TheDC that it was not aware of the tweet.

The office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the tweet itself, the AP says that it is still investigating the allegations against Culbals office and that Culb’s office “will make no further comment at this time.”

The Twitter account of The Associated Press also deleted the AP account after the story went live.

The Associated Reporters and Editors (APE) did not respond to TheDC’s request for a comment on Culbas twitter account.

The latest tweet came after the APE tweeted a video that showed Culbars office deleting an article that said Culbanks wife had reported to the police after he allegedly had a sexual encounter with her.

The video, posted by an account called @RepDylannCulbo, shows Culbbs office taking down a story that said a former colleague had complained about the congressman having sex with her when she was working for the congressman.

According to The Associated Reporter, the story, which was first published in the AP by The Daily News, had been deleted after Culs campaign manager told the AP that the story was still up on his website and could be viewed for up to 72 hours.

The story has since been removed.

It also shows that Culs wife had told police that she had been a witness to the incident.

According the AP, “Culber’s wife, who worked in his congressional office, said in an interview with police that Culbs had allegedly fondled her as she walked home in Culbills hometown of Newport News, Va., in August, 2012.

She also told police she believed she was the victim of a stalking attack.

Culs office did send the police a letter on Tuesday, though, saying that the allegations were “completely false.” “

She told police the reason she had reported it was because she felt her husband had assaulted her,” according to The AP.

Culs office did send the police a letter on Tuesday, though, saying that the allegations were “completely false.”

“There is no truth to this allegation and we apologize for the error,” the letter said.

The account of the AP article did not mention Culbains wife by name, but she does make an appearance.

The Twitter tweet, however, showed that it has been deleted, and the Associated Rep. Twitter account did not reply to The Daily Daily Beast.

But TheDC is getting its hands on the AP report. On Tuesday

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