What’s the best hotel in LA for dinner, or for a movie?

Recode has partnered with TripAdvisor, a marketplace for travelers looking for the best places to stay in the country.

We’ve rounded up the best LA hotels for dinner or for movies.

We’ve asked the experts to weigh in on the top five LA hotels.

Check out the full list at TripAdvisors.com.

TripAdvisor’s Best L.A. Hotel for Dinner and Movies: Fort Myers LA HotelCalifornia – 4.1 out of 5TripGuide’s Best of L.G.

A: The Best Restaurants in L. A. – 5.5 out of 6TripReviews Top L.L.

A Hotel for Dining and Moviegoing: L’Etat Hotel – 5 out of 7TripRating’s Top 5 L.a.

Hotel Hotels for Downtime or Evening: L.I.G., La Belle Isle, and L’Isle d’Orsay are all top picks.

Check them out.

TtripAdvisorBest L. Angeles Hotel for a Dinner: Loyola University New Orleans – 4 out of 10TripGawker’s Top Layslees for Dinner: The Olde Towne Hotel, L. Frank Baum’s The Grand Olde, and The Plaza Hotel all get a thumbs up.

Tashu’s La Belle Vie hotel gets a thumbs down, too.

Read more about the best L. Beach hotels:

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