How to save on hotel stays in New York City

In a new interview with Axios, hotel industry veteran Jacuzzi Hotels says there are ways to save money in New Yorkers.

Jacuzzi is one of a growing number of hotels and motels in the New York metropolitan area that is accepting payments in bitcoin to avoid charging high fees.

A few years ago, hotelier John Lechner started accepting bitcoin for payments on his property in Manhattan.

The bitcoin payments were handled by a bitcoin exchange in Texas.

Now, there are several hotels and other places that are accepting bitcoin payments.

These include Hilton New York, which is accepting bitcoin as well.

And the hotel chain is now accepting bitcoin.

But not all hotels are accepting the cryptocurrency, as the company said in a statement.

“Hilton New York accepts Bitcoin and we encourage other hospitality companies to do the same,” it said.

Jacobs hotel in New Orleans is also accepting bitcoin payment.

The hotel will accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum over the next three months, it said in the statement.

In addition to bitcoin payments, there is another way to save in New Yorks.

Jacuzzis website has a section called the Hotels of the Month that highlights the top hotels in the city.

The Hotels page features the best hotels and attractions in the borough.

A new feature in the Hotel section of the site is that it allows users to set a custom discount for their room and room rate.

For example, if you are in a room at Jacuzzies hotel, the discount is 25 percent off.

There are two levels of discounts.

One is for a single room, and the other is for two or more rooms.

The lowest price available is $350 per night, according to Jacuzzios website.

A Jacuzzys website is the first place to find out how much you can save on your stay.

It is a great way to get a sense of how much money you can expect to save when you book your stay in New york.

The hotel industry is also getting in on the act.

On February 5, the Association of Hotels and Resorts (AHR) released its 2017 Hotels Ranking, a survey that asked hoteliers to rank the best hotel and motel accommodations in the country.

The list ranked a record number of American cities including New York and San Francisco, but also included several international cities like Singapore and Tokyo.

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