How to find a great hotel in Michigan

By: Lisa Hagen-Ree | 10/18/18 10:15am | 8,848 comments Michigan hotel reviews are not as popular as they were a few years ago, but they are still the best way to find the best Michigan hotel deals.

Here are our top 10 picks.1.

The Hotel Detroit: Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, The Hotel Michigan is the perfect spot for a relaxing stay in the Midwest.

It has a private courtyard, gorgeous views, and a stunning setting in the middle of a city.

The hotel is one of the few that can be booked through the Airbnb app.2.

The Olde Towne: Located near downtown Detroit and a couple of miles from the U.S. Capitol, the Olde Townse Hotel offers a private outdoor pool, hot tub, and spa, plus a wide range of indoor amenities.

It is a short drive from downtown and nearby shopping and restaurants.3.

The Marquis: Located just off I-75 just east of downtown, The Marquess Hotel offers upscale accommodations in an historic downtown location.

The location is ideal for groups of four, but it also boasts its own hotel, pool, spa, and other amenities.4.

The Golden Nugget: Located at the southern end of downtown Michigan, The Golden Nugget Hotel offers the best value and most popular hotels in the state for groups or single travelers.

Located just east-northeast of downtown Lansing, it is a 5-minute drive from Lansing and less than a half-hour from downtown Detroit.5.

The Lakefront Hotel: The LakeFront Hotel offers an expansive, fully equipped spa, swimming pool, and outdoor deck overlooking downtown Detroit’s skyline.

The luxurious interior has been lovingly renovated and it has a spa that can accommodate up to eight guests, including couples and groups.6.

The Grand Marquis Hotel: Located on the waterfront just east and north of downtown on the east side of Detroit, this is the premier hotel in the city.

It offers a suite, private patio, private meeting space, private bar, and an open courtyard.7.

The North Star: Located a short walk from downtown, the North Star Hotel offers affordable accommodations in its iconic hotel building.

The room is a luxurious four-bedroom suite with a private balcony, outdoor pool and spa.

It features private meeting spaces, private kitchen, private bathroom, and full-service kitchen.8.

The Palace Hotel: This four-star hotel has been a landmark in downtown Lansing since 1869, when it was the first hotel to be built on the site of the old city hall.

The historic building has been restored and features a large spa, private outdoor deck, and pool with a hot tub.

It can be rented for groups.9.

The Moseley: Located about a block away from the Capitol in downtown Michigan’s downtown, this three-story hotel has a stunning interior featuring two outdoor pools and two indoor pools.

Rooms have a large balcony, and suites have a private patio and shower.10.

The Renaissance: Located downtown at the end of a long street, the Renaissance offers a modern and contemporary twist on classic hotels.

It’s an open-concept hotel with a beautiful courtyard and a fully equipped outdoor pool with hot tub and spa for singles.

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