The best hotels in Denver, Colorado, for a night on the town

Colorado hotels are booming and Denver, the city where the Rockies are from, is the new hottest destination for nightlife.

According to data compiled by Travel+Leisure, Denver has had more than 30 new hotels open since January 2018.

The best hotels listed in Denver include the iconic La Quinta Inn and La Quintas Resort & Spa, which are the latest to open in the city.

We went to the hotels in person and shared our experiences with our readers.

Check out our top five hotels in the area below.

The La Quintana Inn has had four new locations open since February 2018.

The most recent one opened on March 16, 2019, with the hotel on the corner of 12th and Broadway.

This is the hotel where the famous band the Eagles played their last show in February 2020.

The Hotel La Quintany has had five new locations opening since January 2020.

This hotel was originally a hotel at the corner and 12th avenues but now it’s on the east side of Denver and has a restaurant and pool area.

The Resort & Spas has had three new locations opened since January 2019.

The newest location opened in October 2019 and the hotel has been upgraded with a more spacious room.

The Hotel La Verna was recently renovated and has expanded to accommodate larger groups.

The hotel’s two restaurants are now open and will be open to all in October.

The Restaurant La Vernia opened on May 5, 2020.

We also visited the hotel at 10th and Vine and enjoyed the views and dining options there.

The Vine Hotel, a luxury hotel in the heart of Denver’s historic Vine neighborhood, opened in June 2019.

This restaurant is now open to guests.

The property is located at the intersection of 11th and 12.

The Wine and Spirits, which was opened in August 2020, is now on the west side of downtown Denver.

It has two new restaurants and is the only hotel in town to be remodeled and opened in 2019.

We took a trip to the Hotel Leisure and the Hotel Galleria in August 2019.

Both locations have been renovated and now feature a pool and restaurants.

The Galleria Hotel is located on the northwest corner of 11 and 12 streets and is owned by Leisure International.

It is a premium hotel and the only one in Denver that was opened to the public.

The Leisure Hotel in downtown Denver is located next door to the Leisure Spa on 11th Street.

The Spa has a full bar and pool and is a popular spot for weddings and special events.

The Hilton Denver, a boutique hotel that opened in May 2019, is located near the Marriott Marquis Hotel on 11 th Street and is open to the general public.

The Leisure hotel is located just south of the Marquis.

The resort has an upscale spa, a pool, and a rooftop bar.

Our readers shared their favorite nightlife spots in Denver. Read more

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