How to rent an apartment in New York City’s trendy West Village without the hassle of a rental deal

New York is a city with many options for renting an apartment.

It’s a city where many can afford to rent a house.

But a new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers has shown that renting a place in New Jersey can be a lot easier than renting a house in Manhattan. 

Renters of New York apartments pay significantly less than New Yorkers living in homes.

And New Yorkers who rent apartments in the Bronx pay an average of 8.9% more in rent than renters in the city.

“The Bronx has an advantage because there is a lot more opportunity to get into the market, which is one of the biggest factors for renters,” said Richard Rosenbaum, president of real estate research at Pricewaterhill.

“There is a higher demand for apartments in Manhattan and people are willing to pay higher rents than people are in the neighborhood.” 

“When I’m in the market I see a lot of people who are renting their place out and they’re not really paying anything,” said one Manhattan resident.

“So it’s a little bit of a win-win situation.”

The research comes at a time when apartment rents are expected to rise as the cost of living increases and New Yorkers are looking for ways to save money.

A recent report by the New York Housing Authority found that rents in Manhattan jumped by 9.4% in February compared to a year earlier, despite a 6.4 percentage point decline in housing starts.

Renting an apartment is often a challenge for New Yorkers looking to find the best deal.

But a recent study from the New Jersey Association of Realtors found that New Yorkers pay an estimated 11.3% more for a rental property in New Mexico than they do in New Orleans.

A real estate agent at New York-based investment firm Cushman & Loeb told Al Jazeera that it is important to remember that rents are not the only factor that determines whether you can afford a place to live.

“We know that people who have a family income and have been able to find an affordable place to rent their home will have higher incomes than people who haven’t,” said Eric Siegel, director of housing research at Cushmans.

“A lot of the families that we work with are going to have an income in the low $40,000 range, so if they’re renting, it’s not a bad deal for them.”

You’re going up against the price of the house,” said another New York resident who rents a one-bedroom apartment in the West Village. “

You’re going, you know, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

You’re going up against the price of the house,” said another New York resident who rents a one-bedroom apartment in the West Village. 

New York, however, is not immune to the housing crisis, as some landlords are selling properties that are close to empty.

One tenant in Manhattan told Aljazeera that she had not been able get a lease because her landlord was selling properties close to their properties.

“I’ve been there three years and I haven’t gotten a lease,” she said. 

Another resident told Aljezereshow that her apartment had been vacant for years and her landlord had been trying to sell it.

“They had it on the market for two years,” she explained. 

The study also found that a landlord can be more successful if he or she has a “strong presence” in the New Yorkers’ neighborhoods. 

That could include using local politicians to help get affordable housing on the books, or using local developers to build affordable units in New Yorker neighborhoods.

“In the last year, the Mayor’s office and the city’s Department of Housing and Urban Development have been involved in a variety of initiatives to help facilitate the revitalization of some of the neighborhoods in Manhattan, particularly in the areas around West Side Yards and the West End,” said Rosenbaum.

“We see a resurgence of this particular area.

And as the market changes, we see that we’re seeing some new investment in the area.”

Rosenbaum said that many of the same strategies can be applied in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a city that is also struggling with a housing crisis.

“It’s an interesting case, because it’s the first municipality that has been through the housing bubble, but they’ve also been successful in stabilising that bubble,” he said.

“And that was probably because they had some local political leadership that had been involved with that effort.”

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