The 50 Most Animal Friendly Hotels in the World

Sedona, Arizona, United States—the first of Arizona’s 100+ new hotels, opened its doors in September of 2018.

Built by The Sedona Resort and Spa, the resort is designed to blend in with the surrounding community and has been lauded for its natural, sustainable design, which features a mix of green spaces, waterfalls, and nature-themed art.

For the latest and greatest in dog friendly accommodations, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the best dog friendly properties around the world.

Read on for our list of the Top 50 Dog Friendly Hotel Hotels, and keep scrolling to see the list of our favorite dog friendly hotel deals.


Petite Hotel in Spain (Renaissance Hotel) Located in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, the Petite hotel has received rave reviews from travelers and hotel guests alike.

Known for its gorgeous views of the beautiful Pyrenean landscapes, the hotel offers rooms that are perfect for a weekend getaway or a family getaway.

The hotel offers complimentary wi-fi, so guests can stay connected while they relax.

The resort offers three different indoor pools, including a swimming pool that’s specially designed for pets.

The Petite is a dog friendly property, so it also offers a large dog room.

The pet-friendly property is located in the beautiful, quiet town of Santander, and the resort has two outdoor pools.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly hotel in Spain, theres something for everyone!


The Grand Hotel in Belgium (Grand Hotel) The Grand hotel is an eco friendly property in Brussels, Belgium, located in a quiet, historic town.

The restaurant has a modern feel and is decorated with natural lighting, including the building that serves as the main reception area for guests.

The Hotel offers a range of activities for children, and has an outdoor pool and a spa.

The guest room and spa is located right next door to the restaurant, which offers guests a spa treatment experience.

The grand hotel is a 10-minute walk from the city center.


The Soho Hotel in London (Soho Hotel) One of the most luxurious hotels in London, The Soudoir is located on the shores of the Thames River.

The luxurious hotel is located close to the Royal Opera House, which is one of the world’s most beautiful venues, and features a restaurant, bars, and a stunning view of the river.

Guests can stay in the hotel’s stunning, five-star suite with private balconies overlooking the Thames.

The property is also the largest private swimming pool in the UK, and guests can enjoy swimming in a private pool with other guests.

Located in London’s Greenwich neighborhood, the Soho has two other hotels nearby, The Royal London and The Royal Soho.


Marigold in Spain This 10-star hotel in Marigolds city center is designed for people who want to be surrounded by nature and live in a serene setting.

The Marigoline is a beautiful 10-story building with an array of green space, including trees, water fountains, and ponds.

It has a large outdoor pool that is designed with children and families in mind.

The private guest room offers guests access to the private outdoor pool.

The marigold is located next to the beach, which allows guests to relax and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.

Maribold has a number of outdoor swimming pools in the area, and there are also private swimming pools adjacent to the hotel.

Mariga has been ranked as one of Europe’s 10 most eco friendly hotels in 2017.


Avanti in Italy (Avanti) Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, this eco friendly hotel in Pisa has been voted the best eco-friendliness hotel in Italy by TripAdvisor.

The Avantis eco friendly architecture and green spaces are a favorite among guests, who can relax and have a good time at the hotel when they stay at the resort.

The luxury hotel is well known for its rooftop pool, which hosts a variety of activities including swimming, yoga, and dog walks.

Guests enjoy the rooftop pool while they enjoy the resort, which has a beautiful view of Pisa and the Adromina Sea.


Lighthouse Inn in San Francisco, California (Lighthouse Inn) Lighthouse Island, which lies just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Jose, California, is home to one of our top dog friendly lodging destinations.

The Lighthouse is a private island located in one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, San Francisco Bay.

The island features beautiful views of downtown San Francisco and a pool with a waterfall for guests to enjoy.

The ocean views of San Francisco are a welcome treat for any traveler who wants to experience some of the city’s beautiful waterfalls.

The Lodge features a spa, spa rooms, a sauna, and an outdoor swimming pool. #

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