What’s next for Raiders in the playoffs

Las Vegas — The Las Vegas sports world has been stunned by the sudden departure of Raiders coach Jack Del Rio.

The Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, had already announced his decision to move the team to California, but the Raiders did not make the move public until Monday.

The announcement was met with shock and outrage, including by the Raiders players and coaches, who have been vocal in calling for Del Rio’s resignation.

The move comes as the Raiders face an increasingly dire financial situation that has left them in the minority in the NFL and the playoffs.

The NFL is in a tough financial position and has been struggling to make ends meet for years.

The league is also facing legal threats from the National Football League over the use of the phrase “deflategate,” which has become synonymous with the NFL.

The team is in the process of moving, with Raiders president Mark Davis saying that the team is looking to move in March.

Davis has said he believes the Raiders will eventually be able to move to California and have a new stadium constructed there.

Del Rio, who had been a longtime friend of the Raiders, was fired by the team in late February.

The Chargers are also looking to leave Los Angeles after this season, as are the Bills and Dolphins.

The news that the Raiders were going to leave Las Vegas, a team that had made a major splash in the Western Conference this season when they signed former Raiders running back LeSean McCoy, had fans and teams in disbelief.

“It’s heartbreaking.

We don’t want to be associated with Jack Del, but there is no one else we would rather be associated for,” Raiders owner Mark Davis said at a news conference on Monday.”

We want to move forward as best we can in a manner that provides the Raiders a long-term future.”

The Raiders will still play the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West Divisional Round of the playoffs, but it will be their first game since the Raiders announced they were moving to Los Angeles in December.

The franchise has also been hit by a series of legal challenges over the years, including the case that involved allegations that the Chargers used illegal performance-enhancing drugs on players.

In a statement released by the organization, Del Rio said that he had hoped to be a part of this move, and that he hoped the Raiders could remain a part, but that he is “deeply disappointed” that he will no longer be a member of the team.

“As we have said for many years, we are in a position where we need to rebuild the Raiders and the Raiders fans and are in the best position to do that,” Davis said.

“I am proud to have been a part and to have served as the Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders for 15 years.

My wife, Shannon, is proud of me.

I have no doubt that I have done the best I could to build a team to win.

I wish them nothing but the best and hope that they continue to be successful.

I thank them for all they have done to help make this move possible.”

The news comes a day after Del Rio was asked about his relationship with former Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

During an appearance on “SportsCenter,” Rivers said he had talked with Del Rio about the possibility of the Chargers moving to LA in 2018.

Rivers said that Del Rio told him, “I love you, I know you want to go there.

You’ll never regret it.

I want you back in the Chargers.”

Del Rio and the Chargers are scheduled to meet with the league and owners in a meeting on Wednesday.

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