What is Next Big? What the hell is NextBig?

A new book titled “The Next Big Thing” offers insights into the future of entertainment and technology, as well as the future direction of the music industry.

The book, which was released in January, focuses on “The Future of Entertainment,” the term for new technology that has yet to be discovered.

It was written by Dr. James H. O’Neill, CEO of the Entertainment Technology Association.

He has worked with a number of industry leaders including Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg, as a keynote speaker at the 2016 SysEx Conference in Chicago.

“The next big thing” is a way for O’Donnell to highlight how we are heading into the next wave of technology, said O’Connor.

“We’re going to have these new, new things that we can do, that will give us a different way of doing things.”

O’Connell has previously penned books on topics like the future medical devices market, the future healthcare and the future technology industry.

He also has published an op-ed for USA Today, The Future of Music, which has been read by more than 3.5 million people since it was published in March.

Oakenstein said he was inspired to write the book after seeing the rise of the Internet, which is one of the biggest drivers of innovation in entertainment.

“I realized that technology is the future, and there are so many innovations that are taking place that we need to pay attention to,” O’Neal said.

“When I was looking at how technology was evolving and how people were using it, I started to realize that I have a vision for how we want to take that technology and use it to create more positive experiences.”

Oakensteins vision is a “music-first” future.

Oakesen says the next big change is the music world.

“It will be the music first,” he said.

Oickenstein says that “Music is going to be the new technology.”

He said he hopes people are inspired to “use their music-centric devices to make it better, more immersive and more entertaining for their families and friends.”

The book also gives Oakensten the chance to talk about his “life” and the struggles that he has had.

Oivenstein has worked as a radio host and as a singer in the rock and roll band The Flaming Lips since 2002.

He is also an avid athlete.

He said the experience has given him the opportunity to “experience a little bit of my life from the perspective of a musician.”

The Next Big Things are set to be released in May.

“If you’ve been in a music studio or have worked in a creative or media industry, you’ve seen the impact that music has had,” Oakensens book reads.

“That is the message of The NextBigThings: to make music and entertainment better, faster and more interesting.

This book is a blueprint for a new music-first future.”

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