How to get free Disneyland park tickets at Disneyland resort

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the price of admission to Disney World resort parks is now a little higher than last year.

Disneyland resort guests can now get free admission to the parks with a Disney-issued ticket.

It was previously a rare event, and it was only possible for a single Disney-approved ticket. 

This year, however, it’s become the first time in history that the Disneyland Resort will offer free admission, according to the Disneyland blog. 

The announcement was made today by Walt Disney Imagineering, the Imagineering division of Walt Disney Studios. 

According to Disney Parks Blog, this will be the first year that Disneyland Resort guests can get free park admission for any Disneyland park event, including Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, a new attraction called Scary Monsters, Inc. and the newly-announced Haunted Mansion. 

If you are interested in this, the blog notes that the resort will announce more details about the free admission in the coming days.

The free admission does not apply to the Annual Passholder, VIP or Club Memberships. 

Disney has previously stated that it will only be offering free admission for Disneyland Resort events in the following circumstances: (1) Disneyland Resort guest passes that are redeemable for a purchase of Disney-branded merchandise at participating Walt Disney World resorts; (2) the purchase of a Disneyland Resort ticket or the purchase or use of a Disney vacation package at a participating Walt World resort; and (3) Disneyland Park admission to Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Resort-branded attractions. 

All other Disney-owned properties will offer admission at the resort’s normal rates, but Disneyland Resort members will be able to purchase Disney-themed merchandise for only $10 at participating Disney-operated stores. 

In the coming weeks, the resort may offer discounted rates on special events and Disney-designed merchandise. 

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