Why is there a problem with a hotel in the Miami area?

Miami-Dade County Commissioner of Public Safety David O’Malley said Wednesday he’s concerned about the lack of security at two hotels in the area.

“It’s a big issue in Miami-dade,” he said.

The hotels, The Brickell Hotel & Suites at 1601 N. Ocean Blvd., and the Holiday Inn at 1520 N. Atlantic Blvd., are owned by the Holiday Hostel Group.

O’Malley says there’s not enough security at both of them.

“The hotels are a major source of revenue for these businesses,” O’Lamosaid.

“And they have a long-standing policy of allowing people to stay in these hotels.

And there’s a problem that these hotels have not been able to adequately address.”

O’Lamy says the city has tried to provide a few security measures to the hotels, but they’ve been unable to.

He said some guests have been detained.

“There’s been no enforcement of these measures by the hotel.

The hotel is just doing it in a very, very poor way,” Olamasaid.

O’ Lamosay said hotel guests need to be very aware of where they are staying.

“You should know that if you have a security deposit in a hotel, it’s yours.

You are the property of the hotel, so if you need to leave the hotel and you want to go somewhere else, you have the option to do so,” hesaid.

Olamasays the hotel has been able, to some degree, to keep its doors open, although he said some of the security measures have been less than ideal.

The Holiday Hostels have a policy of not allowing guests to sleep in the hotel unless they have an official security deposit.

The hotel says guests have no right to a refund for their security deposit, so it has offered to give guests a refund on their bill.

O Olamansays the company is looking into ways to improve security at the two hotels.

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