How the Vegas hotel and the Las Vegas Sands casino will be transformed into a theme park

The new MGM Grand will be called “MGM Grand National Resort & Casino” and will feature a water park, a casino, live entertainment and the world’s largest water park.

The resort and casino will host live music, a theme bar and a casino lounge.

A casino will house all-new games and entertainment.

The water park is slated to be located at the southwest corner of the hotel.

The casino is slated for a mixed-use building.

The theme park, which will feature live entertainment, a water attraction, water rides and a water theme, will be operated by MGM Grand, MGM Resorts International, Sands Corp. and the Sands Corporation of Nevada.

Las Vegas will be home to a new theme park. 

The Las Vegas Convention Center will also be renovated to include a new entertainment district and a new hotel. 

Las Vegas will have a brand new shopping mall. 

“The new MGM Hotel and Casino will be an incredible new addition to the Las Vegas area, bringing the unique vibrancy of Las Vegas back to the forefront of the nation’s attention,” MGM CEO Bill Boyd said in a statement.

“It will create more opportunities for visitors and locals to get together and have fun, all in a new and exciting way.” 

MGM Resorts, the company that owns the MGM Grand Resort & Casinos in Las Vegas, is partnering with MGM Grand to develop the resort and the casino.

MGM Resort announced in September it was planning to begin building the new theme parks and casinos by 2020. 

Mizzen is also in talks to take over as CEO of the resort, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Development Is Supported By

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