How California hotel chains could save taxpayers millions on hotel taxes

Monterey hotels could save billions of dollars on hotel room taxes.

They could cut costs and boost profits.

The California hotel industry could become the most efficient one in the country by 2019, according to an analysis released by the hotel industry trade group.

The hotel industry group predicts that by 2019 alone, hotels could generate a record $6.7 billion in revenue, with the average occupancy rate at 72 percent, according the hotel group.

The hotels industry is expected to generate $7.6 billion in the same period.

That’s up from $5.4 billion in 2019, and it’s the highest occupancy rate in five years, according Hotel California.

The industry is seeing an influx of visitors from overseas and has been making strides in reducing hotel room occupancy.

In 2019, the average hotel room had a room rate of 72.5 percent, and a recent report from the International Association of Booking Agents found that occupancy at California hotels fell 8.7 percent last year.

Hotel California expects the industry to continue making strides this year, with a 6.5-percent occupancy rate projected for 2019.

That would mark the largest occupancy rate drop since 2014.

The analysis by Hotel California and the Association of International Booking Agencies predicts that hotel room tax revenues would be the fourth-highest in the United States this year.

That is a large jump from the $4.3 billion in hotel room revenues in 2019.

Hotels will be able to save about $3.6 million a year on hotel tax, according Hilton HeadCount, the accounting firm that conducted the study.

The industry expects that by 2020, hotel room receipts will be $2.4 trillion.

The hotel industry has seen a steady increase in revenues, as well.

In 2018, the industry generated about $1.4 million in hotel taxes, according TOI.

The trend is expected keep on going this year and could exceed $1 billion.

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