Hotels at the top in BOSTON?

Here’s what you need to know about hotel ratings in Boston, Florida, Nashville, and Tampa, Florida.


Hotel ratings are based on a mix of the number of reviews published by guests and guest reviews by realtors, as well as other factors such as the type of room, the type and quality of food served, and the overall quality of the hotel.


The average rating of a hotel is a composite of both reviews published and guest ratings.

The rating can be compared across all the rooms in a hotel, which means the average rating will vary depending on the type, size, and quality.


The hotel reviews can vary by hotel type and room size.

Some hotels are more crowded than others, so the average review may not match the actual room occupancy.


Some reviews will only cover a single hotel, while others will cover multiple hotels.


The ratings of hotels do not include the value of hotel rooms.


Reviews may be published for one or more nights at a time, but hotel ratings for all nights will be based on the entire time period.


If you’re visiting Boston and want to compare ratings, just enter the city in the search box above, and click the “Compare” button.


If your hotel is not listed on the list of the top hotels in Boston or Florida, try the interactive hotel ratings tool to get a sense of what a typical hotel is like in each city.


You can also find hotel ratings by using the map below.


The interactive hotel hotel ratings website lets you compare the hotel ratings of a number of different cities, and you can even compare hotels that are located near each other.

The map below shows the hotel reviews of the most popular cities in each state, as ranked by the average ratings of all the hotels in that state.

The top hotels are in blue, and other top hotels with high ratings are in yellow.

There are also some hotels in the top 10.

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