What’s new about the cruise ship Atlantis?

By Tom VilaPublished March 24, 2018 12:15:17The cruise ship Transylvian Castles has been hit by another serious cruise-ship disaster, as a crane carrying equipment fell on the ship’s decks.

The accident happened off the coast of the island of Nevis on March 10, according to an accident report filed by the International Maritime Organization.

The ship was travelling from the French port of Dunkirk to Port Canaveral in Florida when the crane hit the deck, the report said.

The crew managed to free themselves by using a rope to hold onto the side of the ship, according the report.

They then climbed out and began to climb the crane and its platform, which is part of the deck.

The crane fell onto the platform, but the deck remained unstable and the crane started to tip over, the investigation said.

The crane was unresponsive when it hit the platform and the ship did not go down, the accident report said, citing an unnamed source.

The cruise line was not immediately available for comment.

The incident comes just days after a similar accident on the Atlantis, when a crane on the cruise vessel lost control of its side, the International Organization for Migration reported on Monday.

The cruise ship was on its way from the Caribbean to New York and had left Dunkirk, according a spokeswoman for the organization.

The crew managed the ship to avoid the accident.

Atlantis, which has been carrying about 1.3 million passengers, is the world’s biggest cruise ship.

The vessel was built in 1959 and built to carry 3,500 passengers.

It has a capacity of 7,600.

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