How to find hotels in Hawaii

HONOLULU (Reuters) – HONO, Hawaii – A family of three spent the night on a boat, on the shores of a lake and in the water near the U.S. Pacific coast.

The sun shone down on the boat as a crew member said, “We’re going to get some sun.”

The family is staying in a hotel on the southernmost tip of the island of Oahu.

The U.T.O. family has been staying on the island for the past four days, and it’s the first time they’ve been on land since the storm hit.

Their boat is an MV Gantt, owned by a family of five, and they say they’re prepared for the worst.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad things, but I’ve never been in the ocean before,” said Joe Haskins, who lives in the boat’s yard.

He’s staying at a nearby beach.

“If we had a house and a garden and some stuff in there, we’d be in the prime of life, but this is not that,” Haskings said.

They’re staying at the Holiday Inn on the south side of the lake.

The island is still recovering from Tropical Storm Maria, which dumped heavy rain, high winds and record flooding on the Hawaiian Islands.

“It’s not going to be pretty,” said Mike Monegan, a tour guide and volunteer on the family’s boat.

“We’ve been here before, but we’ve never had anything like this,” said the family member who asked not to be named.

The family spent most of the night at a hotel in the town of Ocala, about 80 miles (120 km) north of Honolulu.

They were not allowed on the hotel’s property.

The hotel is about 30 miles (48 km) from the nearest U.N. aid agency.

“This is the first hurricane to hit the U-Haul fleet since Hurricane Katrina in 2005,” the agency said on Twitter.

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