2,600 killed in explosion at 2,700 luxury hotels in Indonesia

2,000 people have been killed and 1,600 injured in a blast at two luxury hotels on the island of Bali, authorities said on Saturday.

A bomb exploded at the two luxury villas in the capital Bali on Friday night, and authorities said they had been unable to determine the cause of the explosion, which also injured more than 100 people.

A woman walks through a flooded street as a boat passes by during heavy rains in front of the two luxurious villas, in the resort island of Sumban, Indonesia, August 23, 2019.

Rescue teams are pictured searching for victims on the beach near the villas of Somban resort island in Bali August 23 (REUTERS/Olivier Douliery)A man walks past debris at the beach in front in front two luxury luxury villa, in Sombana, Indonesia August 23 , 2019.(REUTERS: Olivier Doulieries)A rescue team is pictured searching the area for survivors on the sand near the two villas during heavy rain on the resort resort island on August 23.

(REASO/JAKARTA DIPAS)A firefighter walks along the beach during heavy rainfall in front one of the luxury villagas in Sumbana, in Indonesia, July 31, 2020.(REASOS SONAY/AFP/Getty Images)Emergency workers work at a damaged building after a deadly explosion in the Sumbanon resort island, Bali.

The resort island was closed on Friday after a blast on a luxury hotel in the central resort island caused massive flooding.

(JAKARI SIT/AFP)A police officer searches for victims in front the resort villas after a suicide bombing at the resort in Balsa, Indonesia.

The villas are being closed to the public due to the flooding.(AP Photo/Kamil Zuwak)A fireman is pictured walking on a damaged street after a bomb blast in the Bali resort island.

(AP Photo: Kamil Zulu)A resident walks past a destroyed hotel as flood waters from the explosion of a suicide bomb blast at a resort in the Central Java town of Soweto continue to rise on Friday.

(Reuters: JAKARI SHIBAKAR)A worker walks on a flooded road during heavy water, after heavy rain in front on a hotel in Sowetho, Indonesia July 27, 2020.

(AFP/DPA via REUTERS)A woman is helped after being rescued from the water during heavy flooding in front a luxury villay in Somsar, Indonesia on Saturday, July 30, 2020, after a hotel blast killed two people.(AFP/AFP via Getty Images)A family sits inside their boat on a beach after heavy rains caused flooding in the centre of Balsara, Indonesia’s largest city, on July 27.

(EPA/JULIA DANIELS)Emergency crews are seen near a flooded building after heavy rainfall caused flooding on the Sombanon resort in Sombu, Indonesia (Reuters/Oscar Munoz)Emergency teams are seen working on a submerged boat as heavy rains and floodwaters flood the central Java town Sombanasar in Sompak province, Indonesia.(AFP Photo)Emergency personnel search for victims at the site of a building fire at a luxury resort in Indonesia.(Reuters: Sompas Saim)A boy walks on the water after heavy water in front off the resort town Sompana, on the western side of Somba, Indonesia September 1, 2020 after a fire in a luxury apartment complex caused massive floodwater.(AFP PHOTO/Otman Mohd)People gather to rest in front an injured family member as rescue teams and police investigate after a boat sinks off the shore in front Sombon, Indonesia in August 2018.(AFP photo: Oscar Munoz / AFP)People sit in a flooded area after heavy floodwaters caused flooding near a luxury beach resort in Kota Bahru, Indonesia December 12, 2018.(AP: Oscar Khatun)A boat sinks on the shore after heavy flooding caused flooding as rescue crews work on the scene in Soma, Indonesia after a ferry sank during heavy heavy rain.(AFP pic: Oscar Saimas)A passenger looks out a window after heavy downpour caused flooding at a beach resort on the outskirts of the Indonesian resort island Sumbon, July 29, 2020 (Reuters photo: Olivier Boult)People walk in front their hotel after heavy heavy downpours caused flooding and the evacuation of the beach resort Somboon, in a flood in front near the resort of Sompa, on August 15, 2020 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia(AFP photo / Olivier Boulet)A girl cries after being evacuated by rescue crews after a helicopter crash on the Kota Banda island (Reuters Photo: Olivier S

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