Cheap hotel rooms: The best hotels for dogs

When we think of dog friendly hotels, the first thing that comes to mind is the cheap ones.

But there are a few dog friendly places around the world where you can take your pup to and from a lot of fun things.

These are some of the best dog friendly dog hotels you can get in your hometown, and we’ve rounded up some of them to make sure you can enjoy your pup at home.1.

Pup Town Dog Lodge & SpaIn the heart of Buenos Aires, this dog-friendly dog spa is home to more than 200 dogs, including two adorable pups who are all set to be puppies.

Just don’t expect to see a lot when you book your hotel stay.

The spa has been open for nearly two decades, and it’s known for its dog-focused vibe and cute dog-centric decor.

The owners of the spa, Márquez and Joaquín, are very protective of their animals and their property, so you can expect a clean, well-kept environment.

This is a dog-specific spa, but the owners are also very open to letting you bring your pet along.

The owners even put a sign up outside their door reminding guests to wash their hands after visiting, which is a pretty good idea considering most hotels don’t offer that option.

Hotel reservations: +54 (02) 524 9057 (hotel reservations)3.

El Dormo Pet ResortIn the northern town of Santa Catarina, El Dóndo Pet is a pet-friendly spa that’s located near a small river.

The place is very well-appointed with its modern architecture, so if you’re looking for something to do with your pup, this is the place to go.

The Pet Resort is also a great place to have a pet spa, since it’s also dog-safe and there’s a pet park nearby.

You can find the Pet Resort’s website here, and you can book here.

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Hotel info:+50 577 793Hotel Reviews: +1(00)-100(00-01) +100: +48(00,0.3°C) +101-150: +38(00.2°C), +50-60: +31(00°C, 0.8°C): +0.1°C+50-80: +25(00:0.2, 0°C).

Hotels to Checkout in Buenos Aires

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