Jackson Hole Hotel: Jackson hole hotel in the heart of Kansas City

The Jackson-Hole hotel is just one of many historic hotels that have been renovated for the 2020 Winter Olympics.

The city of Kansas, Kansas and Kansas City announced on Monday that they will open up all of their hotels in 2020 to the public for a $2.5 million renovation project.

The project will include the addition of two new restaurants, three hotel bars, a bar and restaurant and a retail space.

The hotel is currently owned by the Kansas City Public Library.

The Kansas City International Airport will also be renovated and reopened.

The new hotels will be accessible to guests from around the world, including those in Canada and Mexico, the International Olympic Committee announced.

“The hotel’s design reflects its historic role in Kansas City’s history and its close proximity to the city’s downtown,” said Michael C. Hodge, the Kansas Department of Economic Development director.

“As part of our dedication to the Games, we’re proud to have created a new and unique hotel that will be an anchor for the city of the 2024 Olympics.”

The hotels will open on February 14 and remain open until June 20.

The renovated hotels will feature state-of-the-art amenities including a 24-hour fitness center, an open-air restaurant, a sports bar, a cinema, a yoga studio, a fitness center with a rooftop pool, an indoor swimming pool, a spa, a full bar and a fully stocked bar.

The hotels are expected to reopen to the general public by mid-July 2020.

Development Is Supported By

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