Disney announces $2.5 billion takeover of hotel chain Broadmoor

Disney has agreed to buy Broadmoral for $2 billion.

The deal, which will be finalized later this week, is part of Disney’s broader deal to buy the entertainment company that includes a stake in the Walt Disney Co.

The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2018.

It is the first time Disney has acquired a hotel chain in more than a decade.

Disney bought the hotel chain for $3.2 billion in the first quarter of 2019, when it had more than 3,200 hotels in 26 countries.

The purchase price includes $800 million in cash and $1 billion in preferred stock, plus a $50 million purchase price in 2020 and a $250 million cash purchase price after 2020.

The purchase will give Disney control over a broad portfolio of hotels, including hotels in more developed areas, including Los Angeles and Orlando, and resorts in more challenging climates.

The Disney brand will be used to sell properties and brands in the hotels.

Disney will also retain its share of Broadmorial’s business, including the theme parks and resorts.

Disney owns the rights to Broadmores property in the United States and in the Caribbean.

Disney’s majority stake in Broadmowers is estimated to be worth about $1.5 trillion.

The combined company will be known as Broadmours.

Disney will retain a 20 percent stake in its stake in Disneyland Resort.

It will also keep a 10 percent stake.

Disney is the parent of Disneyland and its theme parks, Disney California Adventure, and its Hollywood Studios parks.

Disney also has stakes in a number of other Disney properties.

Its Star Wars Theme Park and the Disney Springs theme park in Orlando have been sold.

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