How to watch The Secret Life of Pets on the big screen

With The Secret Lives of Pets out, the series has been left in limbo.

Now, the long-running TV show is being adapted into a feature film.

Nowhere to go But Up: The Secret Pets of New York is an animated feature based on the book by writer Amy Cuddy and director Nick Turturro.

The film is expected to hit theaters on November 10, 2018.

The first film stars Emma Stone as Holly Robinson, an adorable New York City vet who is determined to save her beloved pet, the Puss.

When she discovers her pet is also a secret, she has to find the perfect way to get the Pussy back.

The Secret Cats of New Orleans is based on Cuddy’s novel.

It tells the story of an animal rescue organization called the P.S.O.P.P., who rescued a bunch of animals in New Orleans.

The group then found itself at the center of a series of bizarre murders in the mid-20th century.

The P.R.P.’s efforts have made Holly a celebrity, and her new role as a New York Times best-selling author has led to an unlikely relationship with her new best friend, a dog.

The movie also stars Emma Thompson, Michael Shannon, Mark Ruffalo, Dwayne Johnson, and Emma Stone.

You can watch the trailer for the film below: In the book, Holly finds out about the mystery behind her pet Puss by visiting the Pills of Love animal shelter in New York.

The shelter is full of cats and dogs that have been abandoned, and the animals have been given a new name: The Puss Club.

Holly’s first thought is to take care of the cats and rescue them from the shelter, but Holly is determined not to leave her pet behind.

She and her Puss become friends and eventually get married.

They get a house, a car, and a dog named Puss in order to get around town.

But when they decide to take their dog to the hospital, the shelter is attacked by a group of criminals, including the criminal leader, the Cat Maniac.

In the film, Holly and her friends find themselves at a party when Holly finds herself caught in the middle of the chaos.

Holly has to choose between protecting her pet or her family.

The cast also includes Tom Hanks, Emma Stone, James Woods, and more.

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